12" x 12" Silver Diamond Plate - Decorative Adhesive Vinyl

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Light illuminates the edges of this sharp, feather-like pattern as it juts out of its reflective background. When the two points meld into the circular base, the resulting hologram creates an illusion of depth. Sheets are approximately 12" x 12" each. 
  • Illusion of Steel Plating
  • Visual Depth
  • Illuminated Angles

This product is manufactured from durable PVC resins. Rigid PVC films are resistant to strong acids, alkalis, most oils, fats and alcohols. This material retains ink without smudging and lends itself to various printing types such as hot stamping, screen printing, thermal transfer, digital, offset, flexographic, latex and UV curable ink. This material is great for wristbands and makes for eye-catching Point of Purchase (POP) displays.

Perfect for car decals, cup decals, sign making and more.