Neon Green Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Attractive Designs with Eye Catching Sparkle!

Sublimation on Glitter – The Next Big Thing!

You can now do sublimation on white and neon colors of Siser Glitter vinyl. Combining sublimation and Siser Glitter opens up new avenues in decoration. You will no longer be limited to polyester.

The process is simple:

  • Cut just the shape of your design using Siser Glitter
  • Print the sublimated graphic of your design using a sublimation printer and transfer paper
  • Tack the glitter shape to your garment for 1-2 seconds at the temperature required for the transfer paper
  • Peel the carrier from your glitter while it’s hot
  • Lay your sublimated design over the top of your glitter shape.
  • Cover with a cover sheet and heat apply. Sublimation usually requires a high temerature and a long dwell time
  • After application, peel away the transfer to reveal your awesome design!


Bling out plain designs for maximum appeal with the best Glitter HTV on the market! Available in over 30 vibrant colors, Glitter contains maximum sparkle without shedding any glitter flakes. Kids of all ages love the shimmer and pop, and since it’s CPSIA Certified it’s safe to apply on kids clothing. 

Glitter is CPSIA Certified, so it’s perfect for decorating children’s clothing and accessories.