Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - Real Glitter Particle Film Sheets

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This Particle Film line gives your product long-lasting and vibrant sparkle producing a magical aura and luster that promises “dreams do come true!” Our Particle Film wraps your product in a sophisticated glitter giving it an awe inspiring look and a unique presentation. 

Due to the nature of this vinyl being real glitter there can be air bubbles in the film. While that may look disturbing, we can assure you that the vinyl still cuts, weeds, and applies well. 

You can always lift the vinyl off of the backing and squeegee it down if it seems to be excessive. 

>Continuous, Seamless Glitter Pattern
>Actual REAL Glitter Chips Incorporated Into the Manufacturing
>Tactilely Smooth Surface

Perfect for car decals, cup decals, sign making and more.